What We Do

We do the searching, evaluating and negotiating. You do the choosing.

Studies show that, as a society, we’re getting smarter about our relationship to work and the workplace. Given the sheer amount of time we spend at our jobs, it’s only natural that a facility offering a well planned mix of spaces and amenities that foster socialization, collaboration as well as individual focus, is today’s workplace standard. Research confirms what people know intuitively: that a balanced workplace leads to greater innovation, engagement, and overall job satisfaction.

Whether it be office or industrial, our approach to helping you find that ideal work space is pretty simple: we listen closely to determine your unique requirements, then apply our extensive experience to locate and evaluate only spaces that fit the bill. You know that when we bring you locations to consider it’s because they meet your needs, not ours.

Throughout the process, we cull through numerous facilities to identify those that best meet your needs. And with more than 33 years as tenant and buyer representatives, we’ve learned how to help you steer clear of potential problems.

Once we find your space, we serve as liaisons between you and the landlord or seller, and help to work out the details of your lease or purchase and sale agreement. We know how important the landlord/tenant relationship is, so we always operate with your long-term interests in mind. In short, we represent you with the utmost professionalism at every turn.

Put our experience to work helping you find the office space that will move your business forward.

  • Real Estate Planning
  • Tenant and Buyer Representation
  • Relocate vs Renegotiate
  • Lease vs. Purchase
  • Financial Analysis

Real Estate Planning

Mapping your future real estate needs.

Anticipating your future space needs can be an inexact science, that’s why we work to identify changing real estate trends that could have an impact on your business. We also bring you a seasoned network of specialists, such as architectural space planners, accountants and real estate attorneys, to help you make the best decisions as your needs evolve.

We ensure you understand things like the historical demand for space in your area. The business factors that could cause rates and prices to change quickly or legislation that might drive up the cost of business. By working with you to create real estate contingency plans that take into account your own future needs along with local market conditions, your business is never caught flat-footed.

Your business has a plan for success. Together, we’ll create a real estate contingency plan that supports your long-term vision.

Tenant and Buyer Representation

Representation that puts you in control.

As a business in search of a new work space, you really have two choices: full service real estate brokerage firms looking out for the best interests of the buildings’ owner or developer, or independent tenant/buyer representation that works exclusively on your behalf. The inherent conflicts of the brokerage model made no sense to us back in 1981 when we pioneered independent tenant/buyer representation, and we’re just as sure of the added value that our service offers you today.

We don’t take listings or manage properties. We do offer you honest evaluations and insights into the spaces we’ll bring you to consider. Because we’re not obligated to promote the owner’s agenda, you always get the straight scoop on how well a work space matches up to your exacting criteria.

At OfficeLease, we bring you only actionable listings that meet all your requirements, especially your budget.

Relocate vs Renegotiate

Sometimes the best move is no move at all.

As your representatives, we review all aspects of your current situation. Sometimes your current space still meets your business needs, but the lease itself has room for improvement.If you prefer to stay put, it’s our job to help renegotiate a more advantageous lease.

The decision to renegotiate a lease can be complicated. Our experience and proven evaluation methods add a layer of objectivity to simplify your stay-or-go decision. If it pencils out that lease renegotiation is your best choice, our extensive knowledge of current and projected space availabilities in your area gives us valuable leverage as we begin discussions with your landlord. Carving out adequate lead-time for the lease evaluation process, combined with our forward-looking approach results in more effective negotiations on your behalf.

At OfficeLease, the decision to move or renegotiate is always up to you. Our job is to help make that decision as easy as possible.

Lease vs. Purchase

Real estate ownership is not for everyone.

There are times when the decision to purchase property is a great option. But the decision to buy a building has long term implications. There is less flexibility for physical growth or relocation and your capital is tied up in an illiquid, relatively high maintenance asset.

Typical real estate cycles suggest that a 15 year ownership horizon is prudent. If yours’ is a firm whose business thrives in a downtown environment and your ability to attract and retain talent is tied to accessible public transportation and amenities, you might be better off leasing close in rather than ownership further out.

OfficeLease will help you weigh and evaluate such decisions.

Financial Analysis

Smart financial analysis makes for smarter decisions.

We understand that moving your business is a big, expensive undertaking. The last thing you want is to make decisions based on inaccurate or incomplete financial data. So

prior to any lease negotiation, we do a sensitivity analysis detailing the complete cost of a proposal and any inherent trade-offs. By eliminating any surprises in advance, we avoid potential snags that might hinder negotiations.

In addition to the reliable comparisons we generate with our lease/purchase analysis software, we will also work closely with your CFO or accountants to make sure our data is tailored to their needs. Customized spreadsheets allow us to present a thorough analysis of the costs associated with the leasing of your new space.

At OfficeLease, you’ll appreciate how our comprehensive financial analysis helps you make informed business space choices.

We look to OfficeLease more as a trusted advisor and resource, than as a transaction-driven broker”
Michael C. Piraino, Former Vice President Administration and General Counsel
CRAY/Now Hewlett Packard