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rn[eight] Gregory Evans Dowd, “Insidious Friends’: Present Giving and the Cherokee-British alliance in the 7 Years’ War,” in Contact Factors: American Frontiers from the Mohawk Valley to the Mississippi, 1750-1830, ed.

by Andrew R. L. Clayton and Fredrika J.

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Teute (Chapel Hill, North Carolina: University of North Carolina Press, 1998), 114-115. rn[nine] First quotation: James Glen in Gregory Evans Dowd, “Insidious Friends,” 114. Next quote: James Glen in Matthew C. Ward, “Knowing Indigenous American Alliances,” in The 7 Years’ War: Worldwide Views, ed.

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by Mark Danley and Patrick Speelman (Leiden, The Netherlands: Brill, 2012), 55. rn[10] Anderson, 457.

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rn[eleven] ‘George Washington to Colonel John Stanwix June fifteen 1757’ Accessed seventh June 2015 http://founders. archives. gov/?q=cherokee Creator:”Washington, George”ands=1511311112andr=fifty three. rn[12] ‘Edmond Atkin to William Henry Lyttelton August 13 1757’ in Kelton “The British and Indian War,” 769-770.

rn[13] ‘Forbes to Abercromby April 22 1758’ in Writings of Typical John Forbes, 68. rn[fourteen] ‘George Washington to Robert Dinw >rn[fifteen] ‘The Memoirs of Lt.

Henry Timberlake’ Accessed 1st June 2015 https://archive. org/particulars/memoirsoflieuthe00intimb. rn[16] Richard White, The Center Ground: Indians, Empires, and Republics in the Wonderful Lakes Region, 1650-1815 (New York, Cambridge College Push, 2011). rn[seventeen] John Oliphant, Peace and War on the Anglo-Cherokee Frontier, 1756-sixty three (Baton Rouge, Louisiana Point out College Press, 2001), 29. rn[18] Matthew C.

Ward, Breaking the Backcountry: 7 Decades War in Virginia and Pennsylvania 1754-1765 (Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh Push, 2003), 143. rn[19] ‘List of Indian Goods’ in Writings of Normal John Forbes, 70. rn[twenty] Kelton, “The British and Indian War,” 767-768. rn[21] Evans Dowd, “Insidious Friends,” 116. rn[23] ‘George Washington to John Stanwix 10 April 1758’ Accessed 2nd June 2015 http://founders.

archives. gov/?q=cherokee Writer:”Washington, George”ands=1511311112andr=68. rn[24] ‘George Mercer to George Washington 26 April 1757’ Accessed 2nd June 2015 http://founders. archives. write an essay about my first day at school domywriting gov/documents/Washington/02-04-02-0079#GEWN-02-04-02-0079-fn-0003.

rn[25] To start with quotation: ‘The Memoirs of Lt. Henry Timberlake. ‘ Next quotation: Evans Dowd, “Insidious Good friends,” 138.

rn[27] Evans Dowd, 138. rn[28] George Washington to Robert Dinw >rn[29] ‘Forbes to Pitt June 17 1758′ in Writings of General John Forbes, 117-118. rn[30] George Washington to John Stanwix July fifteen 1757’ Accessed 1st June 2015 http://founders. archives. gov/?q=cherokee Creator:”Washington, George”ands=1511311112andr=fifty eight. rn[31] Anderson, 457-458. rn[33] Evans Dowd, 131. rn[34] Tom Hatley, Dividing Paths: Cherokees and South Carolinians throughout the Groundbreaking Era (Oxford: Oxford University Push, 1993), 119. rn[35] Ward, “Comprehension Native American Alliances,” 55. rn[36] Tyler Boulware, “Our Mad Young Gentlemen: Authority and Violence in Cherokee Nation,” in Blood in the Hills: A Background of Violence in Appalachia, ed. by Bruce Stewart (Lexington, Kentucky: College Press of Kentucky, 2012), 88. rn[37] Anderson, 458. rn[38] ‘The Memoirs of Lt. Henry Timberlake,’ 73. rn[39] George Washington in Evans Dowd, “Insidious Buddies,” 149. rn[forty] John Grenier, The To start with Way of War: American War Earning on the Frontier, 1607-1814, (Cambridge: Cambridge College Press, 2005), 142. rn[41] ‘George Washington to Robert Dinw >rn[42] George Washington to Robert Dinw >rn[43] Ward, Breaking the Backcountry, 144. Bibliography. Primary Resources: Lecturer’s remark 32: This is a superior assortment of sources covering British views on the Cherokee alliance. Is there a deficiency of accessible resources on Cherokee perspectives? If so, this is well worth commenting on in the essay by itself. rn’Edmond Atkin to William Henry Lyttelton August 13 1757’ in Kelton, Paul.

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